Our project

Las Zapas Limpias is an educational project born of the need to defend Central Africa from the spread of COVID-19, through obtaining financing for health and educational material, providing preventive talks on hygiene and contagion, supporting government institutions and being reinforcement support for the tourism-social sector.

Las Zapas Limpias acts as a networking between different NGAs in Africa with our active collaboration as a nexus, since as of 30/07/2020 we have already visited nine projects about education, health, sports, food and social tasks in four countries of this continent.

The coronavirus can only be confronted by keeping the social distance and increasing hygiene; that’s why we focus on hand washing and maintaining one meter social distance. Our initial goal was to get funding through crowdfunding to buy enough material to help prevent contagion. We intended to purchase disinfectant gel and whatever was necessary to make masks.

After a great effort and thanks to many television media we managed to achieved our challenge and raise twice as much as planned.

The project was carried out during 4 months in Central Africa, below the summary of each project.

Thank you very much for contributing!

Las Zapas Limpias

Collaborating NGOs