We are Meraki Bay, a Valencian NGO born from a trip to South Africa in October 2017. After a year, and thanks to the Support of almost one hundred volunteers arrived during the summer of 2018, it has been possible to establish this association. But how are we born?

Ignacio and Carlos traveled to South Africa in October 2017 and the first thing that caught their attention was the huge inequality between the ruling class, usually white, and the black and mestizo majority. After a couple of months watching and looking for a project to participate in, they meet Fidel  and Peter, two South Africans from Hangberg.

Hangberg is a favela located in Hout Bay and in it Fidel and Peter carry out Harvest Youth Center, a project aimed at removing children from the streets through sports and music to keep them from drugs, alcohol or violence of your community. After knowing your project, Hout Bay Project begins to take shape.

In June 2018, the first volunteers arrive and, after seeing that the support classes at the school are not giving results, we all decided to start working on small projects to improve life in Hangberg; Meanwhile, Ignacio, Carlos and other volunteers are dedicated to investigate what are the main problems of the community and how they can be solved.

Hout Bay Project begins to take off and Houties is the solution to one of the biggest problems. It is the first youth group in Hangberg and we meet up after school with the children to prevent the little ones in the community from being in the street. However, it is not the only project, others are destined to promote the local economy through support for entrepreneurs or to achieve women’s empowerment.

In September 2018, Meraki Bay, the mother association of which Houties hangs and the rest of proposals, present and future, comes to light. We are a young, ambitious and eager group. We intend to generate a change and we will do everything on our part to achieve it.

Where to find us? Our NGO is registered in South Africa (Hangberg) and in Spain. 


The objectives of Meraki Bay are as follows:

  1. Development of all types of development cooperation programs and humanitarian aid, meeting educational needs, health, community development, economic development, especially to help the integration of children and adolescents in the future society, both in developing countries development as in Spain.
  2. The promotion of entrepreneurship and motivation in communities at risk of social exclusion.
  3. Collaborate with other associations, entities or publications that inquire about the same issues or similar topics.
  4. Development of local and international volunteer programs, both individually and as a group, based on cultural understanding and working from the culture of collaboration and joint growth with special emphasis on the inclusion of young people with few opportunities.
  5. Encourage the formation of members and supporters in understanding the culture of each country.