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Transparency is for us a vital aspect both at the internal level of the association, as well as towards those who collaborate with us and those who want to know us.

The economic support we receive comes in its entirety to the projects and we consider it relevant to be able to demonstrate it.

In Spain:

For legal purposes, Meraki Bay is registered as an association whose name or social name is Meraki Bay.

(CIF: G40525883)

In South Africa:

For legal purposes, Meraki Bay is registered as an NPO (Non-profit Organization)

Number: 216-560

Where do the funds come from?





The objective is to stop relying on volunteers and start getting private and own funding sources.

We hope to have a better transparency section in the coming months, when our activity begins to be more developed.

Next, we share with you the statutes, the founding act and the CIF. (Spain)
We will upload the accounts of the association when we finish the fiscal year.
We still can not accept Law 49/2002, of December 23, fiscal regime of non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage, so donors still can not have the possibility to deduct their contributions by incentive to patronage.
However, we hope to be able to accept this law in the coming months, when we register as an NGO in AECID.

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