Leopards Project

Leopards Project

The Hout Bay Leopards, formerly known as Dash Leopards, is the local football team of the Hangberg community.
This young club registered as an NGO and non-profit aims to take children out of the street and promote sports in the community, specifically football.
Currently the club has 4 teams:
· Sub 10 (8 players)
· Sub 12 (15 players)
· Sub 14 (15 players)
· Sub 16 (15 players)
A total of 53 children who are part of the club.
As for the staff they have Ricardo (founder of the club) and 4 coaches (one from each team).
The training is done in the local football field located in the same municipality (Hangberg)
The 4 teams play a regular league all year round.

In addition, the team does not only try to promote the sport but also motivate and help the children with the study. The team has a daily library program to help them in their studies that they do every day from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the Hangberg library.
The main problem with this team is the lack of funds.
Previously, they had the DASH sponsor that provided them with all the material, paid the inscriptions to the leagues and provided them with a monthly amount that was used to pay the salaries of the coaches.
Due to lack of funds, the sponsor stopped sending them money and that left the club in a very delicate situation. This fact occurred in March 2018.
Since March the team has entered into a critical situation, the coaches have stopped charging and the sports equipment is wearing out without any replacement which is leaving the club on the verge of closure.

What are the costs of leopards?

Here are the costs of the Leopards:
· Transportation: Monthly 1200R
· Salaries: 8000R (2000R / trainer) Monthly
· Rental of the football field: 60R. Weekly
· Food / drink for children: 2000R Monthly
· Affiliation to the league: 1400R / per team (4) annually
· Affiliation per registered player: 25R / child (53) per year
· Tournaments (in addition to the league): 8000R per year
From here, we show that the monthly fixed cost is 11440 Rands.
And that the costs of inscription to the league annually are: 6925 Rands.
Tournament costs annually are: 8,000 Rands
The Annual Cost of the Leopards without counting the sports material would be: 152,205R Annual. Equivalent to
€ 1 = 15R
Annual cost of Leopards is € 10,000
In addition to these logistical costs should be added the cost of materials:
This is a cost to calculate since the equations can use them during several seasons.
These are the products that they need for the equipment to work and that are needed right now:
· 40 soccer balls (10 – Size 3) (10 – Size 4) and (20 – Size 5)
· Training coats (53 breastplates, different colors)
· Training cones (80 cones, 40 planes and 40 highs)
· Equipment for the equipment Sub 16 and Sub 10 (15 and 8)
· Tracksuit for the team (53 full tracksuits)
· Bottle racks (4 wine racks).

What is our goal?

Our goal is to keep the Leopards running as it is necessary for the community, so our idea is the following:
1. Get a European football team can donate the necessary sports equipment whether new or second hand that the club does not need.
2. Carry out a fundraising campaign to endow the club with funds.
3. Look for sponsors that through the sponsorship on the shirts or in the name can finance the team monthly.

How can you help us?
Any person / association / company / club can help us in different ways, from the donation of a part or the total of the material.
Becoming a Club Sponsor
Or finally making a contribution to the Fundraising campaign.