About Hangberg and Hout Bay project

We are an alternative model of interaction adapted to the contemporary world. We use non-formal education to transform society and try to change the world. We are a set of projects that completely breaks the current educational paradigm. We belong to the sector of the population that does whatever it takes to change and improve the world.

Our daily goal is to transform the community through the community itself. We do this through professional training, holding local leaders responsible for the development of each part of the same project, while we monitore and support them in any circumstances needed.


Our common thread refers to the impact we want to cause. The community needs role models, and this is where our global vision of touching all parts of Hangberg is born: childhood, adolescence, women (young/adult/old) and local entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable cyclical projects. If in the future the local community develops the projects autonomously, varying according to the needs of each moment, and if the old components become project leaders, we will no longer be necessary. That is the ultimate goal.

Our resources are the people who help us make every moment possible, in each activity, in each project. We appreciate the commitment of the coaches, participants, volunteers, sponsors, donors and individuals who, indirectly, also make this possible.



After school project where childhood and youth share two hours a day developing potentials through art, sports, values ​​and ecology.


Group of women between 16 and 35 years old with the aim of developing the feminist movement through workshops, talks, study of women’s history, sports activities, self-defense, excursions and female union.


Waste reuse activity where we bind the plastic collected by the Houties in two-litre bottles creating an ecological brick. We create structures with them that we sell in the local market to get extra income.