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At Meraki Bay we are looking for motivated and professional volunteers who want to come to Hangberg during 2020 to develop one of our existing projects or start their own in one of the three areas where we work: childhood, women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship

The volunteer will join the Meraki Bay work team consisting of Ricardo, the local coordinator, and the four Houties monitors. Together with Ricardo and the monitors will be our volunteer program coordinator, Borja. He will be the person in charge of each project and who will say where each volunteer can be more effective depending on their profile.

What activities will the volunteer do?

Our volunteering is not fixed but each one will develop an activity based on their profile and the needs of the project at that time. We have had specialized volunteers in teaching who have been helping in the school, others who developed projects for themselves such as the Coffee shop or the empowerment of women, others who have helped us a lot in Houties …

We’ve also had dentists who reviewed the dental health of Houties or nutritionists. We have also had other volunteers who have helped us with the NGO’s own efforts and have made us better organized. Meraki is the result of the contribution of each of us.

What volunteer profiles are we looking for?

We are looking for pro-active people and thinking minds that help us improve what we have as well as introduce new projects. We are currently looking for the following profiles to come to help with existing projects:

    – People with experience in international cooperation and project management.
    – People with experience in international cooperation for the development of new projects.
    – People with health, medical or dental training.
    – People with experience in Scout Groups.
    – Football coaches who are able to take a training course for local people.
    – Teachers who can help us in school.
    Of course, anyone is free to come whenever they want to contribute something to an ongoing project or propose an interesting project.

Do you sign up?

What is the cost?

Meraki Bay does not benefit at all from the volunteer project, all the money is entirely used to cover the expenses of the stay and the project itself. The price is € 200 / week accommodation and meals included . Weekends are free, although bed and breakfast is included. The cost is reduced as the weeks of stay increase: for three weeks it would be € 190 / week, for four weeks at € 180 / week, 5 weeks € 170 / week and 6 weeks € 160 / week

In addition, at that price you have to add an Administration Fee of € 100. This rate is used to cover the costs of volunteering management as well as the staff that is in the destination coordinating the project.

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What includes
  • Accommodation.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) all week. Weekend meals and dinners are not included.
  • Advice and follow-up before and during volunteering.
  • Local support staff at destination.
Details of the accommodation

The accommodation of the volunteers is an apartment located in Hout Bay, in the same area where the project is developed. We are in front of the school where we do our activities.

Volunteers are in shared rooms for up to four people and the maximum number of volunteers in the house is six. The volunteer program coordinator of Meraki Bay (Borja) also lives there.

Available dates

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Volunteering is open all year, from Sunday, January 5.

The day of entry is Sunday and the day of departure on Saturday.

The minimum stay is two weeks, but the minimum recommended stay is four weeks. Priority will be given to those requests that want to be the whole month.

The maximum time is 12 weeks (the visa cannot be more in the country)

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Training and Previous Advice

Several meetings will be held prior to arrival depending on the type of volunteering to be done. These include a training session on Meraki Bay, the projects we carry out and the community itself. In addition to this, we will hold as many meetings as necessary to discuss the project to be carried out and the best way to channel it for its success. Our goal is for volunteers to be safe at all times in their work and develop it in the most comfortable way possible.

Does not include

The following concepts are not included in the price:

  • Compulsory medical insurance (€ 1.62 / day per person – It may be that or your particular).
  • Transportation to / from the airport (We can coordinate a carrier).
  • Airline tickets.
  • Lunch and dinner at the weekend
  • Requirements: person over 18 years of age and with minimum knowledge of English (level B2) to be able to help effectively.
  • Visa: For most Spanish-speaking countries, you don’t need to apply for a visa except for Mexico.
  • Vaccines: If you intend to visit the Kruger National Park you must take the malaria pills. If not, in principle it is not necessary to get vaccinated. We recommend consulting with your medical center.
  • Other questions: Do not hesitate to ask us what you need to know.
Dental volunteering

Between February 9-22, 2020, dental volunteering will take place.

Maximum 4 people

Total cost: € 400 for two weeks

Minimum requirement: Graduates in dentistry or in the last year of the degree

For more information download the PDF or fill out the application

If you are interested in volunteering, fill out this form. Tell us how you think you could help and we will answer you as soon as possible, be the change you want to see in the world!

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