Mnarani means “place of the lighthouse” in Swahili.

The Mnarani Aquarium, a sea turtle conservation project, was created to rehabilitate and study sea turtles that had been caught in fishing nets, and to protect local baby turtles.

Location and date
August 1, 2020

Nungwi, Zanzíbar, Tanzania.

The Aquarium is located at the northern end of Zanzibar Island, in the small village of Nungwi, near the lighthouse marking this landmark.

  1. Investing in a project that has lost its sponsoring sector (tourism) to COVID-19.
  2. Provide a promotional video to seek funding through your networks and ours.
  3. Promote the conservation of the green sea turtle.
How do we do it?

We financially support the Aquarium, promoting the ecological attitude of the Nungwi community.

We built a nest-progression for the partial release of the rescued and rehabilitated green turtles on the beaches there.

With a total budget of 250€ we have been able to collaborate with the Mnarani project, focused on the conservation of the various species present on the island of turtles.