El Stiwanismo (transformación social con la inclusión de la mujer africana) fue acuñado por la autora Molara Ogudimpe Leslie y se centra en las estructuras que oprimen a la mujer y la manera en que las mujeres reaccionan ante esas estructuras institucionalizadas.

Grupo de mujeres de edades comprendidas entre 16 y 35 años.

Develop the feminist movement through workshops, talks, study of women’s history, sports activities, self-defense, excursions and women’s union.
  • Youth collective of women empowering.
  • Group of formation, reflection and debate about feminism.
  • Socio-sporting, cultural and educational activities.
  • Workshops aimed at training in skills to earn extra income.
  • Alarm center and help.
  • Support people in unsustainable circumstances.
  • Free development of the project by the components.
Typical day
The week before the next session, a day will be agreed between the volunteers on duty and Dene to design the next ones. The direction will be given during the session to Dene, the volunteers will limit themselves to participate and facilitate learning. Feminism will be promoted as a cultural movement, with reference to historical articles, famous quotations, outstanding books and award-winning documentaries. The movement will be adapted following the development of the Hangberg community. Responsibility for being a help centre will be assumed. The collective will serve as an impetus for women, job training and prevention of possible circumstances through education in equity, gender equality, sex education and freedom of expression and work. Each of the members of the group is not obliged to attend permanently, the recurrence will be encouraged, but the important thing is to exist as a team of work, education and life. It will be promoted by the community through Dene and audiovisual material. It will be promoted at the High School once a month to show that the collective simply “exists”. A Whatsapp group will be maintained for day-to-day topics, emergency situations and promotion of relevant content. Each session will have its practical part and its theoretical part. Each day only one specific topic will be worked on.
Time and space
Hours: Tuesday 4:00pm – 5:30pm Place: Hangberg Sports Center.