En afrikaans “oumas” hace referencia al término abuelas. Este proyecto lo forman un grupo de mujeres de edades comprendidas entre 59 y 80 años.

The goal is to take from the houses the most solitary sector of the community and motivate them through the freedom of work giving them a space and materials to develop creativity and other cognitive skills.
  • Motivation before the union in the same space
  • Sharing the same time
  • Work together
Sewing, crafts, projects with recycled material, training to woman empowerment youth, cooking, yoga, routine walks.
Time and space
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Opening hours: 11:00h – 13:00h
Typical day
This project has total autonomy and leadership from the members of the group
  • Senior citizen.
  • It doesn’t require a local leader.
  • Support with materials and equipment necessary for the execution of the workshops.
  • Tea and cookies will be provided daily during the empowerment day.