Cultural project of sanitary, educational and ecological support.
Location and date
July, 2020.

Loiborsoit, Tanzania.

Maasai settlement, located between the Tanangire River region and Lake Manyara. Seven thousand inhabitants are divided into nine villages with 350 bomas each (plots of adobe huts where the Maasai tribes live together).

  1. Make the culture of Maasai people known to the world.
  2. Satisfy the nutritional and sanitary need for the coronavirus consequences.
  3. Help in the educational environment.
  4. Promote ecology by planting 53 trees.
  5. Put Loiborsoit on the map.
How do we do it?
Seven-day immersion in a tribal town with the aim of raising awareness of their culture, donating food and sanitary materials, educating teachers and students at their fp centre, and promoting local ecology.
With a total budget of €1,000 we have been able to cooperate with the town of Loiborsoit on four edges: ecology, health, food and economic donation.