Furahia means “happiness” en suajili

Development of humanitarian cooperation by the Tanzanian Milimanipark Project foundation, which through soccer and sports educates and takes children out of the streets, drugs and dehumanization.

Location and date
July, 2020

Mto Wa Mbu, Tanzania.

Tangent region to Lake Manyara, National Park of Tanzania, whose population lives on fishing, banana plantations and tourism.

Cooperate with the project in MilimaniPark that seeks to take children off the streets and promote their personal growth through soccer, enhancing their sports and social qualities.

  1. Supply the team with sports equipment for the next six months.
  2. Hold sports meetings and talks with coaches.
  3. Collaborate in the educational sector
  4. Encourage team unity by handing out a grupal trophy.
  5. Put Mto Wa Mbu on the map.
How do we do it?
The purchase of sports equipment was made for the more than thirty children attending the sports/educational project.

Contributing with lunch for all the children and trainers, managing to feed more than 35 people with a source of protein, carbohydrates and fruits, in this pandemic moment where it is difficult for a family to achieve the three daily meals for every member in a town that depends on tourism.

With a total budget of €500 we have been able to cooperate with equipment for players and coaches, balls, whistles, pumps and food.