Awareness activity where we use the addition of swopshop and ecobricks to build a symbol of commitment to the environment at the doors of our community and friendly communities.
Spain, Argentina and South Africa cooperating in the community of Hangberg (Hout Bay) to develop the first tree built from plastic and recycled materials that provides free and sustainable electricity to the Primary School of our Houties.
  • 7 meters high
  • 3 meters wide
  • 800 ecobricks
  • 3 months of beach and streets collection
  • 7 days of construction
  • 40 houties involved
  • 200 kg of plastic
  • 1 planet saved
Thanks to Rober, Luis, Sebas and Stefano from @atreetobreathe for joining Meraki in raising awareness and giving the name “Agent of Change” to our community. Thinking global. Acting local.