«Barakoa del Suajili Mascarilla.»


Barakoa Project

Location and date
1-10 May, 2020

Marangu, Arusha, Tanzania.

Community east of Moshi, within the Arusha region, northern and tourist capital of Tanzania. Divided into rural sublocalities where its people are engaged in farming and livestock.

Manufacture 1000 masks and distribute them between:

  • Educational establishments
  • Public transport
  • Local NGOs
  • Most disadvantaged communities
How do we do it?
We decided to do this project through a women’s empowerment group located in Marangu, so we bought them:

  • 2 Manual sewing machines
  • 100 meters of fabric
  • 400 meters of elastic
  • 50 meters of sewing thread

This allows us to produce a thousand masks and also allows the project to move into the future as they can manufacture other products with sewing machines.

€917 has been invested in this project.