Yatima Project

Location and date
May 11-20, 2020

Morombo, Dodoma, Tanzania,

In this specific phase of the project we are dedicated to the «Yatima» project, here we want to support an orphanage in the town of Arusha, cover part of its annual needs and spend time with its members between different excursions, sports activities and prevention talks COViD19


Support, health and activities directed to an orphanage:

  1. Solve the need for gas cooking safely. Meet this need for 6 months of gas paid.
  2. Contribute to curbing the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Take the members out of the orphanage through leisure.
  4. Put Morombo on the map.
How do we do it?
Purchased the requested tank plus the necessary refills for 6 months

-Gas tank 100€

-Recharges 150€

-Transport 50€

Several excursions were made with the children of the orphanage to encourage their learning with sport as a fundamental pillar.

€500 has been invested in this project.