Simoonga Thandizani Trust School, starting point of the Zapas Limpias route, where the crowdfunding that started the whole project will be founded.

Location and date
March 18, 2020 Livingstone, Zambia.

Located west of Livingstone City, a community of 300 families with only the Simoonga Thandizani Trust School, comprising 400 first-to-eighth-grade students, complying with the compulsory primary offered by the government as a public body.

1. Start the Zapas Limpias project. 2. To know, help and give visibility to this Primary School, supporting the school with audiovisual material. 3. Carry out the first networking to put the school in contact with more non-profit projects in the area. 4. Put Simoonga on the map.
How do we do it?
After two weeks of immersion in the school, we made a promotional video for the search of sponsors.