Houties es un proyecto de after school donde infancia y adolescencia comparten dos horas diarias desarrollando potenciales a través de arte, el deporte, los valores y la ecología.

Understanding the term childhood as something global, ephemeral and transcendental that harbours problems and solutions in all its parts we must add the socio-economic location factor. We are not a community at risk of social exclusion different from the rest, we are one more. Just like all those who are in this bag.
Taking them out of the evenings on the streets and making their time an educo-social productivity is our main objective. Houties is like this:
  • Adventure space of different ages
  • United community that debates, decides, experiences and reflects
  • Being free
  • Acting accordingly
  • Recognizing happiness through freedom
  • Learning to learn
  • Through emotional education
  • By means of experiential learning.
Typical day
Differentiating the topics of each day, the local coaches meet with the volunteers on duty the day before to design the session the next day.
Time and space
Daily from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at Hangberg Community Hall
Lack of resources, precocious work with easy money. School dropout. Early drug addiction. Malnutrition. Lack of role models. Broken families. Illnesses without medical care. Lack of school supplies. Lack of motivation for life. Adding that society needs a change in the current educational paradigm. It focuses on educating our rational thinking above the rest through learning structures, instead Houties bets on educating in emotional, relational, artistic, motor, and moral thinking above the rational. It focuses on the attention to individuality, using diversity as a value to enhance, multidirectional learning as a means, democratic participation as a method and the addiction between error and risk as a style